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Meet my client Rick from Chicago!
I styled him for an event he had to go to and I think he pulled it off great!

In this outfit

Star print Pants 42- Shoe City or
They also be found in most urban stores like City wear, Last stop etc.

Any basic V neck T shirt! Burlington Coat Factory has them often up to a 5/6x but if all else fails you can always find them at Casual Male up to a 8x. They will just be around $35.

Vest- thrifted jean jacket that was distressed. Take a jacket put a few slits In it with razor or some scissors, take some bleachy water and sponge down the front of the jacket, then wash and dry several times. The more you wash and dry the more the slits will fray.
You can also find some upto 6x on

Red TOMS- Can basically be found in any shoe store.

Need styling help let me know!!! for big guy fashion!

In love with those pants. Homie def pulled this style well!

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Hey! Thanks for recognizing us :-) high-res photo

Hey! Thanks for recognizing us :-)


WHAT is my hair doing?! Anyway, this is the second of the three new tops that I bought over the weekend. I absolutely could not get a decent shot at work, so here’s a standard “bathroom mirror” photo. I know the photo doesn’t show much, but it’s the same cut and style as yesterday’s top. :) 

[Top from Casual Male XL.]

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James Gobel
high-res photo


James Gobel

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I’ve never been as happy as when I’m with you. high-res photo


I’ve never been as happy as when I’m with you.

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#2fat4u high-res photo



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ok i couldn’t decide on 6 selfies, so i chose 10. i think out of all the ones i’ve posted these are my favorite horror-chata

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Willie 2010 high-res photo


Willie 2010

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| @TheBigFashionGuy |

A Few Summer Style Staples: Denim, Seersucker, Floral Print, and a Nice pair of Wing Tips ;)

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awkward beach bunny? 🐰 high-res photo


awkward beach bunny? 🐰

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