meTHIS IS A BLOG ABOUT VISIBILITY This is a body positive blog that aims to showcase fat and chubby male- (and occasionally genderqueer)-identified people of color. The purpose of this blog is to promote people of all sizes, shapes and (most) colors and show the beauty and diversity in all bodies, while also occasionally discussing the topics of size and race, separately and intersectionally. This blog was started with the intentions and aspirations of fillings the gaps between female-oriented body-positive blogs and the overwhelmingly white-centric bear blogs (that also excluded fat and chubby men who are not bears). While many of the people featured here may fall under the umbrella term of 'bear', it should be clear that this is NOT a bear blog. Please feel free to submit your own pictures or any relevant articles. Note: if you do not self-identify as a person of color, please participate as spectator only. Submissions of white-presenting people will not be posted. HOWEVER, if you are a white-presenting or light-skinned person of color, you are more than welcome to submit! We encourage all submissions to include background information about your heritage and identity, and this would be especially helpful in these cases. Your support of FYCGOC is tremendously appreciated, and we hope you enjoy your stay. Submit! (click) Ask me anything. (click)

Fuck Yeah Chubby Guys of Color


Awesomeness comes in all sizes!
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Awesomeness comes in all sizes!

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